Rob HeadShot0811a6Rob Boulware (aka Carter MacDowell), Owner/AnimatorCarterPoint

CarterMac Creative Media produces funny animated characters and productions for the promotion of various businesses, stores and service providers. CarterMac also creates industrial and instructional videos with a humorous, entertaining spin that engages the viewer so as to better communicate the message.  Finally we take the shackles off and produce funny, animated, sketch comedy for a number of online animated features.  Whatever your messaging needs, we can help you communicate it better with our market-proven animated characters.


Think Outside the Generic, Local-Ad Box!

My characters and TV spots are unlike any other commercials out there today available to auto retailers. After 20 years in business I have honed our ads to super-effective, eye-catching, market-dominating promotions for your store. They have a slick look with a local feel so that they don’t lose that home-town quality. While all the other dealers are shelling out thousands for look-alike, canned commercials from national ad houses, be the ONE dealer in your TV market who gets the idea of top-of-mind awareness. It’s branding 101. Let the manufacturers sell the value of the vehicles while you sell the value of your individual store. If you make viewers laugh, you’ve engaged them. No message gets through without a level of connection with that potential client. Our characters have the unique ability to cross all available marketing mediums. Your logo can’t be seen on the radio, but our characters can be heard there. You jingle can’t be heard in a print or outdoor ad, but our character’s image can be seen there. Ad the characters to your website and the commercials to your social media. Nobody goes to YouTube to see a vehicle walkaround or staged interview with a happy customer. They go to be entertained. Use still images of the characters with your own added verbiage in your Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts. And don’t even THINK you’re going to even be able to give away hats and keychains with the head of that pretty spokesmodel. But with one of our characters? Definitely!

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